Terra Teressa

Our Values

Eat Healthy is a sign attached to products which consist of high amounts of fiber, vitamins, minerals and other elements nourishing the health of human body. Terra Teressa supports slow food revolution.

Products marked with this sign are tested and proved to be made and consisting of 100% pure natural ingredients only. It is proudly considered one of the standard quality signs at Terra Teressa.

Seeing this sticker on Terra Teressa products is to make the customer rest assured there is no environment – harming procedures including waste disposal and other industry practices involved in the production process.

Most of the products in Terra Teressa portfolio are genuinely vegan or vegetarian, but to make it rather easier to distinguish, this label is used for the vegan-free goods and that the package itself is to be recycled safely as well.

Labeled this way, the product falls into the category of healthy foods in the Terra Teressa portfolio, eating healthy was never easier.  Products made of eco – friendly materials, including packaging and production processes are considered vital at Terra Teressa.

Labeled this way, the product falls into the category of fair to animals in the Terra Teressa portfolio, we respect animals.

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