Terra Teressa

Our Labels

None of the products in Terra Teressa portfolio shall be genetically modified. Now and ever. GMO free stands for all the products coming from the proper hands of selected European productions.

Fresh food always safely packed and sealed with its best before date far enough in the future. Terra Teressa strives to deliver its goods the quickest possible way of shipping with either none or the very minimum of time spent at a warehouse.

A guarantee for quality. Applying the brand’s ability to deliver what is being offered, setting Terra Teressa up for a future 100% transparency goal to be achieved, considering the harvest, production, bottling, and each product on its journey to the customer.

Fruits coming into the production processes are fresh and ripe, undergoing selection procedures and being conserved properly and with care afterwards. Following rules essential for keeping the goods at its best by obtaining and carefully processing harvest under Terra Teressa’s supervision.