Our Jams

Raspberry Jam

Sourced from various farm kitchens using a traditional home style recipe. We select premium cool climate raspberries to only create this delicious, generous flavour with authentic true taste.

Blueberry Jam

Prepared by passionate selecting and processing berries notably rich in taste and flavour,  containing antioxidants, improving digestive system, blood sugar levels, maintaining cholesterol, fat regulation and vision.

Strawberry Jam

Handcrafted in a high quality processing way to create a truly enjoyable jam with deep, rich colour, vibrant, fresh flavour and an authentic taste. Incredibly smooth and easy to spread.

Prune Butter

Prune is known for its digestive remedy because it contains large amount of diet fiber and sorbitol. It also protects against heart disease and prevent diabetes and obesity. A perfect match for breads and yogurt.

Cherry Jam

Rich in taste and flavour, based on the juicy cherries and excellent jam cooker. Great source of vitamin A, full of antioxidants including melatonin, improves immunity, heart health and reduces cholesterol