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Quality & Tradition

We have always set high standards at Terra Teressa. The outstanding reputation of German / European groceries is based on the highest quality requirements and we place the greatest demands on our suppliers. Only a product that stands for convenient quality and price will find its way into our portfolio.

We are looking for the right products, which occupy a special place in the lives of our customers. While doing so, we specialize in exquisite foods from Europe, which have a convincing price performance ratio.

Come Together

Ultimately, our customer is the heart, and therefore one of the fundamental ideas behind Terra Teressa is the connection of our employees, our suppliers and you – our customers, so we highly appreciate your feedback.

As the founding of our company took place, we have successfully centralized the competencies of purchase in Europe and worldwide sales. That is why Terra Teressa teams overseas, as well as in Germany, are always there for you, represented by a reliable contact person.

There are no limits, but potentials that we can jointly utilize. Please, do not hesitate to contact us (link) considering your questions, suggestions or criticism.

Only together we can make a difference!

Fat was once maligned as a healthy diet’s greatest foe, but more and more nutritionists, trainers, and even psychiatrists are increasingly acknowledging the role of healthy fats in a balanced diet—oil and fat are critical for effective brain function, and, counterintuitively, actually help the body burn the types of unhealthy fat that lead to weight gain.

Terra Teressa works with many local farmers and orchards to ensure the least amount of chemical intervention and to help small businesses grow at the same time. To bring consumers worldwide the best quality oil from Europe, and support the local suppliers is a part of our broad-concept commitment.

Jam is an integral part of the German cuisine. The moderate climate in Germany provides perfect growing and cultivation conditions for a plethora of high quality fruits and berries. And this is why we are able to present such incredible selections of jams.

What makes German jams unique? The German and EU law mandates the amount of fresh fruits that processors have to be use in the commercial production of jams. For most fruit jams, the minimum is 35%. Terra Teressa jams use between 45% and 55% for all fruit jams, and this makes all the difference in taste and texture.

Honey production in Germany has for centuries been a favorite occupation, and the German have studied beekeeping more thoroughly than most other countries. Honey is known for preventing cancer and heart disease, and can help reduce cough and throat irritation.

With Terra Teressa, we present some of Germany’s finest honey sourced from prestigious German beehives.

Our beekeepers harvest the honey with great care and extract then strain it to remove all the unwanted particles. Terra Teressa honey is totally pure, you can rest assured that nothing was added, from bee to hive to bottle.

Juice has long been an important part of the European culinary tradition and still plays its role on the kitchen’s table. Due to the suitable climate and advanced processing technology, juice is produced in Europe in a wide range of variety and a large quantity, and maintains high quality and great taste. Consuming juice is super convenient and can be just as beneficial as eating the fruits raw.

Our Promise to you